How do we recognize ‘good enough’ when we start to say ‘I have to’ instead of ‘I get to’? This month, one of the books I am reading is “Greater” by Steven Furtick. This is one of many statements he makes in this vision-oriented book.

He explains that breaking away from “good enough” and igniting God’s vision starts with becoming more acutely aware of God’s presence in our life…our ordinary life that is. God is present with us, watching over us, planning greater things for us.

We can sometimes feel that our life is so ordinary. 
But that’s okay, as long as God’s presence is in our ordinary life and we are aware of it. I have faced many challenges in this ordinary life and have plowed through many circumstances – all with God’s help. At times, I have said “I have to” instead of “I get to”, but I am refocusing, learning to listen better to the Spirit, looking for those “greater” moments where I am totally surrendered, totally obedient, willing to sacrifice.

We have to remember that God is detail-oriented but doesn’t always communicate those details to us. He doesn’t always “tell us the how”. We don’t have a GPS to follow. Abraham just had a directive from God, “Abraham-go”…

Sometimes, as Beth M said – “we do it scared”. I’ve been there too. Being more is simply being obedient in what I hear from God, not doing more so I feel good about myself. 

“Being more” for the disciples meant leaving their fishing boats and nets to follow Christ.

Greater means we are willing to give up “good”. It means we will realize more and more that the purpose of the greater life.. of being more isn’t to “bring attention to ourselves. It is to bring glory to the one who will always be greater.”

What’s in our way today of becoming more, of living greater greater? Pride? Fear of failing? Lack of motivation? An undisciplined life? Selfishness? People? Our past?

Take time today to ask God “How can I be more in You? How can I live this life in a great way? What do I need to let go of in order to move forward?”

As Steve Furtick says, “God is more interested in our full obedience than our full understanding. He will give the days orders when we show up on the job site.”

By Sharon Lobbs Garner

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