To help us grow in our faith, it’s important to change not only our focus but also our thinking and listening practices during times of difficulty.  It’s in those difficult times that our “faith muscles” can be flexed.

Here are five suggestions to help us:

1. Exalt God above the circumstances. Set our mind on God’s promises, not on the impossibility of our situation.

2. Trust in His divine nature. Our emotions change, God’s do not. He is always the same.  Instead of trusting our feelings about the circumstances, trust God.

3. View the circumstance through God’s lens. Seek to view the difficulty from His perspective instead of giving it our own limited interpretation.  God has a panoramic view.

4. Listen to the Holy Spirit. What does God have to say about it? What does God say He’ll do? Listen to the Holy Spirit instead of Satan’s whispered lies, which stir up uncertainties.

5. Rehearse the strength of our God.  Rehearse the Lord’s past faithfulness to us instead of dwelling on previous failures.

Our Turn
We must choose to believe God regardless of the situation.  Let’s keep on flexing our faith muscles and not let the enemy win.

By Sharon Garner

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