By Sharon Lobbs Garner

On Friday night, Bruce decided he wanted to make a pan of cornbread to go with the flavorful chili he had made earlier that day. I watched as he gathered all of the ingredients to make the best batch of cornbread I have tasted since my grandma’s, and that’s saying a lot.

With all the ingredients right at his fingertips, he began to measure out the ingredients, filling the bowl, as we engaged in lively conversation. When unexpectedly he said, “where’s the baking powder I just bought? This isn’t the right one.” I casually responded, “it’s right there in front of you Bruce.” I wasn’t sure why the baking powder in front of him would be any different than the one he had just bought, but who am I to argue with the cornbread-maker. “No, I need the baking powder that is softer. This is somewhat hardened.” “Oh…..okay” was my why-does-it-matter response – albeit with a little attitude and the rolling of the eyes trick I do. Finally, after searching through the cupboard and pulling everything out, it magically appeared. Who knew.

Continuing to measure and converse, Bruce somehow managed to forget to add that little bit of baking powder he so frantically was looking for into the mix.

How did he find that out? When opening the oven, he noticed it wasn’t rising to a decent height in the pan and lacked a fluffiness in texture. With one tiny teaspoon of baking powder missing, the result was quite underwhelming.

The Vital Missing Ingredient
Maybe you today feel you are missing a key ingredient in the mixture of your life. An ingredient that will make all the difference.
Maybe it’s just one change that you need to make that will lead to dramatic growth and improvement in your life.

I found that missing ingredient in my life years ago, but you can find it today. I believe the vital missing ingredient is Jesus in our life. His Spirit living in us.

Add to this prayer, meditation on God’s Word and serving others and you have a recipe for a vibrant, flourishing Christian life. What an amazing recipe.

Now It’s Your Turn
Does life seem bland, not what you imagined it to be, maybe feeling stuck? Let me encourage you to add the ingredient of Jesus into your recipe of life and watch what happens! It will not “underwhelm” you but completely overwhelm, transform and bring a “taste” you never imagined.

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