By Cheryl Johnston

When Does God Sleep? This sounds like a question my extremely inquisitive eight-year-old grandson, Trevor, might ask. He loves to stump me with inquiries about God that I cannot answer adequately. Simple faith, pure wisdom, and inquiring minds are gifts from God to our babes.

Why does God shake us from solid sleep in the middle of the night to roust us from bed? Is that the only way He can get our complete, undivided attention? Ashamedly, in my case, probably so. But am I complaining? No, because I love to be awakened by Him. In those wee morning hours He reveals mysteries and wisdom and life application that can’t be learned from a study. Precious quietness and darkness with no distractions of daylight are rich with His truth. Some of His best gifts are given then. My friends who know Him testify to this phenomena as well.

The questions follow though – what time zone does God live in, and does He ever sleep? Is this awakening to God actually a redeeming in rest? My experiences have only been positive. I’ve actually considered setting my alarm clock for 2:30 a.m. to surprise Him. Then I wondered if perhaps He has an organized planning schedule for our awakenings so as to avoid electrical surges. I don’t want to get ahead of Him in my zeal to follow, neither do I want to be responsible for power shortages.. From conversations with believing friends who are hungry for more of Him, I know that many experience there “night awakenings.”

So my evening prayer now includes encouraging Him with special permission to wake me anytime He chooses. I have learned that His light shines on me in darkness, and I listen more intently in the silence of the night. Can one’s mind be filled with too much of Him? That sounds like a question Trevor will one day ask of me.

About Cheryl

Cheryl Johnston lives in Plant City, Florida. Currently she is the president of the Women’s Aglow Lighthouse, a Christian women’s organization whose thrust is evangelism in her community and the world. 

Cheryl is a graduate from the University of South Florida and has her degree in English and Library Science. She is an avid reader and especially enjoys the study materials of many Christian writers.

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